10 Day Western Marmaris Cruise


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    This itinerary is completely flexible and can accommodate the wishes of the guests. This particular route visits spectacular rugged locations and is suitable for those guests hoping to see and explore the authentic, spectacular and historic Turkey.

    Day 1

    Marmaris to Ciftlic

    Activity: Training, Embark,

    Champagne reception on the yacht to welcome guests, followed immediately by a safety briefing (operation of the yacht will be explaned should the guests wish to do so).

    Set sail from Albatros Marina, Marmaris. Exit Marmaris lagoon into the Med sea. Steer a course starboard (west), to the picturesque village of Ciflic.

    Ciflic is the first ‘paradise’ location on the trip. Ciflic has its own, exceptionally beautiful lagoon. The water is crytal clear, turquoise and blue – and warm! Perfect for swimming, snorkelling etc.

    ‘On Y Va’ is equipped with an inflatable dinghy and has an easy to use outboard motor – ideal for exploring this delightful anchorage.

    We will moor ‘On Y Va’ along side a wooden pier and dine in one of the local Turkish restaurants typical in this region.

    Day 2

    Ciftlic to Serce

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    We cast off from Ciftlic to continue our passage west to the intriguing inlet of Serce.

    Here you will get the opportunity to learn about sailing and plotting routes. This place is very easy to miss and careful observation along with the use of the chart plotter is necessary.

    There is a sense of awe, majesty and prehistory about Serce. Redolent of a time before civilisation existed.

    A wonderful place to explore at lunchtime, or we can anchor in this amazing bay for the night.


    Day 2 /3

    Serce to Bozukkale

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    Off sailing with the morning sunrise to the lagoon of Bozukkale.

    To the much traveled writer this is perhaps one of the most incredible places one can ever visit, anywhere in the World. Bozukkale was the home of the ancient ‘Lorimer ‘ civilisation. The Lorimer people populated this area around 4,500 years ago and it is very easy to understand why. The entrance to the lagoon is very difficult to identify (and very easy to defend). It looks like you are sailing into the cliff face. A narrow passage is encountered, which opens onto a most stunningly beautiful lagoon.

    “I checked our depth sounder and the water was more than 10 metres deep – and yet we could see the seaweed at the bottom of the sea”.

    One is immediately struck by the sheer pristine environment in this anchorage. We will moor to a pier close to a restaurant and jolly the evening away.

    This location is only accessible from the sea. There are no roads to Bazookale.

    There is a 1,000 years old Turkish fortress to explore and it is possible to climb 1000 feet to the very ancient Lorimer fortress with its commanding views to the sea approaches.

    Day 4

    Bozukkale to Orhanye

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    We navigate our way, past the Greek Island of Simi to the gorgeous fishing village of Orhanye.

    We can drop the anchor and moor outside the picturesque (but small) harbour and use our tender to motor into the village. If we are fortunate there will be space for us to moor ‘On Y Va’ to the quayside inside the lovely harbour.

    There are delightful restaurants. One is struck by a feeling of time slowing down here in this very relaxing place. This is like going back in time 100 years to a simpler way of living.

    Orhanye is the home of boat building in the area. Boats (some of them large) are built by local artisans, the old way, by hand.

    Day 5

    Orhanye to Sogut

    Activity: Sailing / Docked For those who enjoy fine dining, the ‘Octopus’ restaurant in the small fishing village of Sogut is an absolute treat! Their seafood is renown to sailors in this area. There are also very picturesque walks around the bay, along with most beautiful places to swim/snorkel!.



    Day 6

    Sogut to Bozburan

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    We sail to yet another wonderful, typically Turkish fishing village called Bozburan.

    Here we have to negotiate our route very carefully to avoid a major sandbank. This is the home of many wading birds and other wildlife.

    We moor for the night at a pier close to another brilliant and welcoming restaurant.

    This area is remarkably tidal for a Mediterranean resort . At low tide there is just enough water to keep ‘On Y Va’ afloat at the mooring. It is a surreal experience to wake up at low tide to see the sandbank has mysteriously appeared around the boat.

    We are able to moor here due to our shallow draft.

    Day 7

    Bozburan to Selimiye

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    Sail to the fishing village of Selimiye.

    This is a popular holiday venue for Turkish residents. There are many shops and restaurants to choose from as well as swimming and playing in the large bay.



    Day 8 & 9

    Selimiye to Datcha Peninsula

    Activity: Sailing, Moored, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Dinner

    We cast off with the morning sunrise and sail West to encounter the legendary Datcha Peninsula.

    The geography in this area is breathtaking! Often there is a brisk Northerly wind that makes ‘On Y Va’ fly under sail. With the following Northerly breeze and both engines turned off, ‘On Y Va’ will safely cruise at up to 9 knots.

    All that can be heard is the sound of the ‘wake’ as ‘On Y Va’ slices through the water.

    We moor for the night at the harbour in the middle of Datcha Town to explore and to find ‘just the right’ restaurant.

    Alternatively a stopover at Bozokkale on the return journey to Marmaris can be incorporated.

    Day 10

    Datcha Peninsula to Marmaris

    Activity: Sailing / Disembark

    We head back to Marmaris and, after a last days sailing we return to the Albatros Marina, Marmaris.



    What’s Included?

    We offer the best value for money on the Mediterranean.

    Learn to Sail

    Guests will be invited to participate in the formulation of a ‘passage plan’. This plan is based on sea conditions, the weather forecast and destination objectives. It is a written plan and specifies what needs to be taken into account in order to arrive safely at our destination. Progress along our planned route is checked regularly and carefully by manual observations, using the charts and a compass. These observations are then confirmed by observing the vessels chart and plotter/GPS system.

    Guests, should they wish to, can participate in the actual sailing procedures. Each team member is given a specific task, for instance, the management of the Genoa (Front sail), management of the main sail, or overseeing navigational checks. Guests can also have a go on controlling of the helm or managing of tacking procedures. Managing of tea and coffee making is an essential position too! The positions can be rotated based on instructions from the skipper – so the tea maker becomes the helmsman etc. Everyone gets to have a go at all tasks, should they wish.

    In 7 days it is not possible to become an experienced, qualified sailor. However, I would expect that guests with this kind of enthusiasm, would learn to understand the basics regarding navigation and the operation of a yacht, and might want to come back for more.

    Please note: While we do our best to adhere to our published itineraries, they may be changed at the discretion of the captain due to weather advisories, port traffic, and any other unforeseeable circumstances.


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