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Covid changed the World!  We were all ‘locked down’, banned from any holiday activities and forced into miserable (but necessary) confinement and other restrictions. 

We, at paradisesailingturkey.com, were forced to wait as well.  We are a small, close knit team of people with an idea.  We own a fabulous sailing catamaran, moored in Marmaris, Turkey.  We get out to Marmaris at every possible opportunity to sail the yacht to some of the most amazing anchorages in the World.  Sailing is in our blood!  Sailing is our passion!

If you want to enjoy relaxation and a good time in the sunshine then great!  If you like to visit and savour fabulous locations then the choice is yours. There are excursions (most of them at no charge). If you want to sail the catamaran you will find us only too willing to encourage interested guests to learn to sail?
Covid forced many well established yacht charter companies out of business.  

We can see that people want to go on vacation again now and there is a very considerable interest in sailing holidays.  Our idea is to offer a most wonderful holiday experience for a lot less money than is conventional.  We listened to advice from consumers – so you will benefit from crystal clean towels and bed linen.  

The trips are designed to be flexible and our champagne reception on the yacht will involve guest participation in planning the course of our journey together. We will listen to your personal preferences.

Above all these holiday trips represent outstanding value for money.  We want you to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

Our team are at your service to provide whatever help and assistance is required?  Please contact us on 0121 314 7104 or email enquiries@paradisesailingturkey.com

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