This is Bev

I first began to sail a dinghy when I was 14 years old and this developed into a passion.  I found it an awesome experience to learn and be able to utilise the Earth’s natural resources for travel.  To me there is a magic in listening to the only prevailing sound – that of the wake created by the the boat scything through the water.  As an adult I passed the Royal Yacht Association qualifications and sailed yachts extensively around Britain and the Mediterranean.

Our yacht ‘On Y Va’

I acquired ‘On Y Va’. (this is French for ‘Let’s Go!), a Jaguar 36 sailing catarmaran, nine years ago. She is a very seaworthy yacht, capable of travelling anywhere, in style and comfort. The yacht has two powerful engines and so she is extremely manoeuvrable. She is sloop rigged – this means she has two large sails. She will travel at a comfortable pace with either one of these sails and can cruise at 7/9 knots per hour with both sails raised. I hope to be able to provide literally the holiday of a lifetime and expect clients to return from a passage having learned the basics regarding how to sail ‘On Y Va’ and the principles regarding how to navigate (should they wish)

The salon of the yacht

The objectives are to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime and to combine relaxation with adventure. Great for one, two or three couples, or for a family of upto 6.

East from Marmaris

I have always loved nature and I have to say that, while all the places we will visit are chosen because they are special indeed, for a variety of reasons, I’m always captivated by the more exotic and, perhaps, challenging activities. For instance, along the Eastern voyage, the town of Gocek is dominated by an awesome 1,000ft limestone cliff. There is a forgotten path that winds its way up the cliff (this is a scramble, but not a rock climb). It is very likely that we will not see any other humans along this path – we may encounter the odd wild tortoise. The views over Gocek and the 12 islands are absolutely spectacular and, once the summit is reached, the climb becomes a walk along an ancienct leafy path, where people 2,000 years ago used the path to bring olives to Gocek.

Gocek Bay and surrounding hills

West from Marmaris

On the Western voyage the astonishing logoon of Bozukkale is a must. Swimming in the warm, limpid, turquise sea is outstanding, and to dine in the restuarant here is a very special occasion for me everytime I visit this place. Bozukkale was home to the Loryma civilisation, who prospered here 4,500 years ago. It is possible to to set off from the beach and to ascend the 1,500ft to the Loryma Fortress. This is an echanting walk, tracing the steps of humans of lived in this place so many years ago. I always feel a sense of empathy with the Loryma people. Today, there is solitude and a feeling of being ‘at one’ with nature. We will be unlucky if we do not meet with the wild donkeys who are now the inhabitants of this area.

The view as you approach the summit near the Loryma fortress

It will be my delight to accompany and guide any guests who wish to make excursions to these, and other places! Alternatively total respect for privacy and relaxation can be shown.

My other passion is music and there is a guitar on the boat.  Interested parties can also learn the basics regarding how to play a song on this venerable instrument? 

These trips are completely flexible and we can travel to anchorages that are only accessible from the sea at the clients wishes?

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